Designed and manufactured in New Zealand

Micro Distribution

Din Rail mount (TS35) RS232 to Driver Card Controller

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SKU/Item Number: Micro Dist

Price: $ 299


Designed and manufactured in New Zealand

4 Channel Driver Card

Din Rail mount (TS35) 4 channel, 2A per Channel, LED Controller.

Each chanel can be individually controlled for brightness.

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  SKU/Item Number: 4Ch Driver - Price: $242





Designed and manufactured in New Zealand

Serial 0 -10 V DC converter

This unique module will let you use an RS232 string to generate a 0 to 10V DC voltage which can be used to drive lighting transformers or audio amplifiers with a 0 to 10 V DC input.

There are 4 independent outputs on this unit.

With the “get status " command you can retrieve the output levels to display on a 2 way control system.

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SSKU/Item Number: serial 0-10 Price: $360


24V DC RGB 5M Long.


  SKU/Item Number:RGBLED5M24 -. Price: $ 400

RGB LED Strip Water Proof

24V DC 5M Rolls


  SKU/Item Number:RGBLED5M24/W - . Price: $ 450

End Caps


  SKU/Item Number: Blank
SKU/Item Number: 4Wire
Price: $1.50ea
TSU 9600

PSU 6A 24V


  SKU/Item Number: PSU24V6.3A Price: $ 160
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