Water Tank Sensor


Designed in New Zealand


The D110-S is a fully wireless, multi-tank capable, fluid level monitor with adjustable high and low level alarms. You can also set a top air gap for those underground tanks that use a riser.

It has an easy to read blue backlit LCD display, and when used with additional T110 Tank Units, you can monitor up to 6 tanks/cisterns from the one Display Unit. Can be used on water or Diesel.

Full RS232 control with data capture.more

SKU/Item Number:D110S + T110 Price: $850

AQ930 Omni Booster Antenna

Aquatel's custom made Omni Directional Antenna guarantees to give you the best performance possible when used with our products. The Antenna gives up to 3 dbi gain and will increase your effective range up to 600 meters (0.4 mile) if used at both ends. Ideal as a way to boost your radio performance without having to go the the extent of the more powerful Yagi. The AQ930 Antenna is tuned to our products frequency hopping band, designed for use within the USA, Australia & New Zealand.

Antenna Extension Cable Kit - AQC24

Aquatel's custom made Antenna Extension Cable kit AQC24 has everything you need to extend your antenna up to a point 2.4m (7.9 foot) away. These kits are most commonly used to raise that antenna higher up above the ground to help avoid obstacles in direct line of sight. The higher above the ground the better distance you will achieve between the Aquatel units. This kit includes a stainless antenna mounting bracket (wall or roof mounting), 2.4m (7.9 foot) antenna extension lead, screws and masonry plugs. This kit is for use on all M107 units sold internationally and S207E units sold into the USA and Asia. For all other S207E units sold within Australasia, please use part AQC4A, please see above